7 Fun Christmas Ideas For Leftover Diamonds

7 Fun Christmas Ideas For Leftover Diamonds

It’s starting to look a great deal like Christmas, and in case you’re in any way similar to me you have a TON of extra precious stones lying around. Get propelled by these brilliant DIY Christmas jewel manifestations presented by individuals from our Facebook Support Group! We’ve arranged our number one sections beneath.

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7. Red Solo Cup Gum-Ball Machines

Jeanna Hoppes-Carl‎

At some point, Jeanna Hoppes-Carl‎ took a gander at her red Solo cups and extra precious stones and had a splendid thought for some dynamic DIY adornments 🎄 Isn’t it simply the cutest little gum-ball machine?

6. Straightforward DIY Custom Ornaments

Cindy Presley‎

Some say Cindy Presley‎ is the sovereign of DIY leternel diamond painting Christmas Ornaments – we’d concur! While you may think within is totally loaded up with drills, it’s really Miniwax covering within!

Cindy Presley Custom Ornament 2

5. Do-It-Yourself Diamond Puppy Ornament

Adrea Foster‎

In the event that you have a little guy, you know they’re important for the family! So obviously they merit a put on the tree as well. Adrea Foster‎ made this cute adornment for her pup named Emily.

4. Wooden Ornaments With Diamond Flair

Deb Ornelas Campbell‎

Deb Ornelas Campbell‎ made these superb little Christmas figures by essentially enriching wooden specialty decorations with extra jewels. Incredible inventiveness, Deb!

3. Do-It-Yourself Diamond Christmas Stockings

Amanda Lynn Coley‎

Amanda Lynn Coley‎ chose to Krazy Glue her extra jewels onto her better half’s Christmas loading. Splendid thought Amanda, ideally the blessings inside were comparably astonishing!

2. The “2020” (Aka “The Grinch”)

Beth Wiener‎

Perhaps you lack the capacity to deal with Christmas cheer after this crazy year we’ve had. All things considered, follow Beth Wiener‎’s soothing way to deal with extra precious stone removal!

“I know a ton of you save your extras however not me…I enjoy extraordinary placing them into one plate and afterward destroying them. It’s essential for my ‘I’m finished with this one’ festival 😊”

1. Do-It-Yourself Decorative Christmas Presents

JerrieLynn Kind

JerrieLynn Kind utilized her extra penetrates to make a shocking Christmas present for her niece. All you need is some twofold sided tape, shellac, “$1.99 several hours.” Love every one of the blue shades JerrieLynn!

Danielle Wilkinson

Not to be outshone, Danielle Wilkinson set up this brilliantly creative letter “E” for one of her family members this year. Simply get a wooden letter from your nearby art store and get imaginative!

Cheryl A Katz

Cheryl A Katz shows us her twist on this great DIY blessing with a custom “T.”

Renee Patton

Renee Patton set up this awesome lemon-lime “R” utilizing her extra A/B drills.

Spread Some Christmas Cheer (Or Not) With Leftover Diamonds

Which thought is your top choice? Have you done your own DIY Christmas project with extra precious stones? Tell us in the remarks down beneath, or present your photograph in our Facebook Support Group!

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