Custom Structures and Engineered Power Systems

A very prominent and highly respected technical institute needed to establish a substantial amount of electrical power high above the clouds on a remote Andes mountain top in South America. They needed a custom engineered solar electric system that produced up to 20 kW per day and was deplorable by as few as two persons. It had to be modular by design so it could be transported by small off-road vehicles to the very remote site and also quickly deployed and paneles solares.

Advanced Energy Group was selected to support the project. We designed the power system and provided the custom built aluminum structures along with every last nut and bolt necessary for a successful turn key installation. The assembly instructions were graphically depicted in full color, so looking at any part of the instructions was like looking at the actual component or terminal connection…a 100% visually correct set of assembly instructions printed in full color.

Square pegs shouldn’t be forced into round holes – so to speak, so if your power application requires custom engineering, specialty structures or unique fabrication we can assist you. We can provide trailer mounted systems for mobile deployment, fully operational systems that are skid-mounted and shipped by motor carrier, helicopter-drop systems, modular structures, highly sophisticated enclosures for extreme conditions as well as more conventional platform-mount metal battery enclosures, pole mount enclosures and large solar array metal grid-work. Download Power Ready Systems (PDF-585kb) to see some of the complete power systems with custom structures.

Built to compliment
a 30 year power system
This example enclosure is fully insulated for extreme cold. It has passive external and internal ventilation which can be opened/closed as needed for either colder or hotter periods. In the coldest periods the external vents close, and the heat energy dissipated by some of the electrical components is internally circulated to help maintain a warmer internal temperature. The doors are fully gasket-sealed, the hinges are full length Stainless Steel, the door hasps are adjustable, lockable Stainless and the solar array grid work is fully integrated with the base unit. As shown, this example enclosure has dual end compartments for smaller electrical components and a larger central compartment for storage of the battery bank.

Recommended – see more detail and an example pre-deployment photo of a custom power system.

Metal enclosures are available in aluminum, stainless steel, painted steel, powder coated finishes and in virtually any size, shape, insulated, vented or in whatever form your application requires.


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