10 Fun Things To Do With Your Leftover Diamonds

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Leftover Diamonds

In case you’re as a very remarkable Diamond Painting ADDICT as I am, chances are you have a huge load of extra precious stones simply lying around occupying room.

Why not put those overabundance diamonds to utilize and make something delightful? Get motivated by these awesome DIY jewel manifestations presented by individuals from our Facebook Support Group! We’ve gathered our 10 most loved sections underneath.

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10. Make Diamond Bottle Art

“Tracked down these little [bottles] and layered the tones,” says Ashley Renaud. That, yet they can likewise twofold as Christmas trimmings! Just put a little snare in the top (use stopper on the off chance that you can) and drape them from your tree 🎄

9. Do-It-Yourself Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Talking about Christmas, Stella Godinez made a whole Christmas tree of Diamond Ornaments utilizing her extra bores. They truly balance well with the dim green of the tree!

In the event that you’d prefer another person do the hard work for you, head on over to Presley’s Baubles and tell them Paint With Diamonds sent ya!

8. Construct A Diamond Pen Holder

Ashley Cornelius utilized an old bricklayer container and extra penetrates to make a beautiful Diamond Pen Holder. Great in the event that you have a ton of Diamond Pens accumulating.

7. Enrich A Religious Ornament

Jennifer Wells enriched a cross utilizing spare drills hung on by Tacky Glue and fixed with Mod Podge. The outcome is awesome!

6. Utilize Old Needlepoint Grids

“When I coordinated all my extra jewels, I discovered a needlepoint network for a Christmas decoration,” says Angie DeLuca. “Set a piece of covering paper topsy turvy over framework paper and began tallying.”

“Whenever that was done I covered everything with Glossy Accents decorating paste and when dry, remove the abundance overlaying paper. Presto! Fit to be mounted on sparkle paper so it can hold tight the tree!”

5. Add Some Flair To Bland Decor

Lynn Fierro utilized her extra penetrates to sparkle up a blessing. “I blinged out this trailer stylistic theme for my companion’s birthday. I need to make myself one now as well. Love it! $8 at Michaels. I just utilized twofold stick tape.”

Danyele Hazel Atkins utilized her extra photo paint by numbers penetrates to make a gems box for her mother’s birthday. I bet she adored it!

4. Utilize Your Imagination

Kath Tuck made this stunning heartfelt showcase with squeezed cardboard and twofold sided tacky tape. “Very tedious, yet so great.”

With regards to making your own specialty with spare bores, anything is possible! Consider utilizing froth sheets, cardboard, or other specialty supplies to make your own blinged-out shows. Cheryl Katz finished a regular wooden “T” from the neighborhood make shop to make a staggering outcome.

3. Put A Unique Spin On Stained Glass Art

Kassie Essen is putting a lovely twist on stained glass workmanship by utilizing her extra penetrates to shading in her mythical serpent. A particularly fun twist on stained glass!

2. Bling Out Your Wardrobe

Janelle Scott added some tone to her little girl’s white shoes with a rainbow of various tones. It came out perfectly!

Professional Tip: If you do choose to embellish your shoes or other garments with precious stones, ensure you utilize astoundingly solid paste. Else you risk jewels taking off all finished!

1. Give Yourself A Manicure

Samantha Boehm chose to highlight her nails with various shades of blue precious stones. “Everything I did was paint my nails dark top coat put the precious stones on while top coat was wet the two more top coats.”

Beki Goulding settled on green over blue. “I discovered a utilization for my left over drills from an uncommon shape project.”

In the event that you need to participate in the discussion, remember to get the authority Paint Together with Diamonds Facebook Support Group.

How would YOU manage your extra penetrates? Advise us in the remarks beneath! Extra focuses for pictures 😀

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